Hosting And Domains

We provide hosting space and domain name registration for all our website development customers.

For your website to be available online, it requires a unique name (Domain Name) and a 24/7 storage space for your website's files (Hosting Space).

We provide these services for all our clients. The cost is included in the package development fee. If you require any specific assistance concerning hosting and domain names, feel free to contact us. We will advise you accordingly. View all details below.

You get a free domain name and a free hosting plan, fast and reliable for the first year after development

After the first year, you will then pay a renewal fee annually or monthly (according to your plan), for the subsequent years, for as long as your Website is online. Details of the specific prices are included in the invoice or quotation. Note that renewal is only for the domain name, hosting space and Secure Server Certificate if you choose to have one for your website.

Free Domain Name

We provide a free domain name and a hosting plan for one year, which you will then renew in subsequent years, at a reasonable and affordable fee per year.

Free Setup

We set up your domain and emails for free, then provide you with credentials to your emails, and to the hosting server, upon completion of development work.

SSL Protection

If you need secure server certificate for your website, be it to establish a secure connection between your server and any visitor's web browser, or to have HTTPS in the address bar as a seal of trust, we help you achieve this.

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