Api Development

Development of Application Programming Interfaces

At some point or another, you may need to have your product being accessed seamlessly across different software. These software may be a mobile app, a web app, a desktop app, a smart watch or any other application.

Building an Application Programming Interface is how you'd go about it. This would spare you the budden of having to build new business logic to manipulate your data each time you want to give your customers or employees a new experience via different software. You can have an API built for your customers, or for internal use.

Our technology stack

PHP/Python for the Backend

We user PHP or Python programming languages as the client prefers, to build the business logic of the APIs.


We take the security of your data seriously. That is why we use the powerful OAUTH2 standard for authentication of the consuming third party applications.

This includes issuing of tokens and managing access scopes for the consuming applications.


We use MySql as the storage medium for the data used by the API.

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